Friday, August 19, 2011

Why My Fees Are Less

During my 12 years of practice I have actually had a few clients tell me that my fees are too low. But there is a good reason why my rates are so much lower than firms that advertise on television:

By handling every aspect of your case personally, using a home office, relying on electronic communication, and using only free advertising, I’ve kept the costs of operating my practice far below my competitors’. I pass these savings on to you.

My flat-rate scale starts at $800.00 for cases in which the debtor has earned no income or has only received social security benefits during the six-month period just prior to filing. For wage earners my fee is $1,000.00, because these cases take a bit more time to prepare. Likewise, for independent contractors and small business owners my fee is $1,200.00 because these cases typically take a bit more time.

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