Friday, September 2, 2011

Waiver of Bankruptcy Filing Fees

If a client cannot afford to pay the bankruptcy filing fee either at the time of filing or in installments, a waiver of the filing fee is available only if the client’s gross monthly income is less than 150 percent of the official poverty line applicable to the client’s family size.

*2015 Income Poverty Guidelines:
Household of 1:  $1,471.25
Household of 2:  $1,991.25
Household of 3:  $2,511.25
Household of 4:  $3,031.25
Household of 5:  $3,551.25
Household of 6:  $4,071.25
Household of 7:  $4,591.25
Household of 8:  $5,111.25
For each additional person add:  $520.00

If the client's monthly income averages over the guideline amounts cited above the filing fee must be paid either in full when the case is filed, or in three monthly installments the first of which is due when the case is filed.

*These amounts are for the contiguous 48 states and Washington DC.  Alaska and Hawaii have higher monthly amounts.  

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